Submission Guidlines:

Guidelines for Abstract Submission:

All abstracts must be submitted online or through email attachment by the appropriate deadline. In case of submitting through email, make sure to provide proper details like scientific session, oral/poster etc. No fax copies or disks submissions will be accepted.

Abstracts must be properly formatted and organized into four sections identified by the following bolded headers: Purpose/Objectives, Materials/Methods, Results and Conclusions.

The abstract cannot contain illustrations, images or graphs. If the abstract is accepted, presenters may include these items in their on-site presentations. An abstract may contain one small table.

You may submit as many abstracts as you like.

An abstract may only be submitted once. Duplicate abstracts (reporting the same data) that are submitted under a different title or author will not be considered.

Submitted papers must not be under consideration by any other journal or conference publication.

An internal panel of reviewers will review the abstract.


Plenary presentations are given 40 minutes with 5 minutes discussion, Keynote presentations are given 30 minutes with 5 minutes discussion. Invited papers are given 20 minutes and 5 minutes discussion, YRF presentations are given 15 minutes with 5 minutes discussion, Workshop/ Symposium presentations are given 60 minutes minimum 1 day maximum. All categories contributed papers have 5 minutes for discussion.


There is no fee for abstract submissions.

Meeting Registration:

Registration is required for all contributed speaker/poster presenters. Invited speaker will receive detailed instructions, regarding registration in their invitational letter.


Please check the website, approximately 30-45 days before the meeting for the scheduled date and time of your presentation in final program.

Abstract Review & Selection:

Abstracts, including footnotes, must be 200 words or less. The program editors and review committee reserve the right to edit abstracts, if necessary, for clarity, grammar, style, and length. All the abstracts submitted will be reviewed by an International panel of experts representing all specialties. Within in 3 days of the abstract submission from the author, the reviewers (10 reviewers for each conference) were requested to review the abstract of their specified sessions based on their expertise. Once the papers are reviewed, the conference secretariat will mail the status of the abstract.


Please proof your abstract carefully for formatting, spelling and data errors. Pay special attention to the author order and presenting author designation. Review your confirmation email, as this is how the abstract will be published. Errors can be corrected if sent by 60 days prior to the meeting. After this date, we cannot make any corrections. This rule is strictly enforced.


You will be notified via email of the status of your abstract by within 3 working days. Acceptance of the abstract by the committee obligates the author to present the paper and pay the meeting registration fee. If circumstances prevent attendance, you must notify the program manager and arrange for an alternate presenter, preferably a co-author.


If you choose to withdraw your abstract, please email your request by 60 days prior to the meeting, to the concerned program manager. After this date, your abstract will be published exactly as it was submitted in the Trends in event subject.

Audiovisual equipment:

An LCD projector and microphone will be automatically provided at no cost in all session rooms. Speakers will be required to pay for additional equipment if it is required.


In accordance with the company's policy, authors are requested to be sensitive to, and show respect for, ethnic, cultural, religious, and gender diversity. For example, you should not use language that suggests that scientists/physicists are exclusively male. Additionally, ANE’s official measurement system is the International System of Units (SI). We recommend that our members and those writing for our publications make every effort to use the SI system exclusively.




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